Week #8: Picks

Here are the week #8 picks from the AbsolutePigskin.com Computer.  So far my computer picks have resulted in the following records:

  • Week #5: 5 Wins 3 Losses (62.5%)
  • Week #6: 6 Wins 4 Losses (60.0%)
  • Week #6: 6 Wins 4 Losses (60.0%)
  • Overall: 13 Wins 11 Losses (54.2%)
The last two weeks I've tracked every pick, not just the games I thought were the best plays.
  • Week #6: 29 Wins 19 Losses 1 Tie (60.4%)
  • Week #7: 25 Wins 17 Losses (59.5%)
  • Overall: 54 Wins 36 Losses (60%)
I'll also post a spreadsheet tomorrow that lists each and every prediction from the computer.  Might be helpful if you have a thought on a game and want to see how it compares against the computer prediction.  (Because last week I sucked picking the best games.)

Week 8 Picks.pdf (418KB)

Week #7: Results

It was a rough week for the picks I posted for the week going 2 - 4 on the week.  However there is good news.  The problem wasn't so much the computer as it was the idiot (me) picking the games I wanted to post to the site.  The computer went 26 - 18 for all games it had an opinion on.  It now becomes a matter of me putting out more of the 26 than the 18 on the website for you guys.  

Week #6: Additional Picks

Here are some more picks for tonight's games.  I post these with one small warning.  The current method the AbsolutePigskin.com computer uses to rank games does not like these games quite as much as others so please use this information to help shape your research.  Until I test some things more I don't want to recommend such games as strongly as I do other games.  That all being said whether you are betting with me or against me I wish you the best of luck!