Tonight's Computer Advice (New Feature)

Here is a new feature I want to add to the site in hopes of providing you with as much information as possible for every game.  I am going to try to post every game about which the AbsolutePigskin Prediction Machine has an opinion.  These might not all be plays that I would make necessarily but as I continue developing both this site and the prediction engine that produces these results I'd like to have a transparent way of sharing my process with you.  It also admittedly serves to act as a reference point later for me to look back on if something isn't working so I can adjust.  Hopefully sharing this information helps you win a few games you might not otherwise have played.

When you look at tonight's games you will notice some slightly revamped information.  Along with the predicted statistical outcome of the game you will see what ranking the computer has given to this play (if there is no ranking chances are I'm not even thinking of playing it), the recommended bet size (I'm just using diamond symbols with the max being 5 diamonds), the Vegas game total, the difference between the predicted score and the Vegas game total and the predicted score difference between the two teams.  

Hopefully this proves to be useful for you.  As always whether you are betting with me or against me I hope you have a successful weekend.

(Please note that some of the differences might not appear to calculate correctly but I assure you they are.  For display purposes I have them round to the closest digit.  Sometimes this makes it appear as if the difference is 1 point off either way.)